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Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie

Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of ToxieCast of Characters

The Toxic Avenger- Toxie returns to battle Apocalypse Inc. again. Since he wants to get eye surgery for Claire, he needs cash. So our desperate hero signs a contract with the Chairman which is really a contract for Toxie's own soul! In the end he comes out on top, with a little help from God.

Claire- Toxie's blind, blonde, bimbo girlfriend. She gets eye surgery and can see for most of the film. Marries Toxie at the film's end.

Chairman of Apocalypse Inc.- Still my favorite character, and it turns out he's the devil! He nearly has Toxie licked until Claire finds an escape clause in Toxie's contract. The Chairman/ Devil gets his skin ripped off, and has his head tossed all the way to Tokyo. Hehehe.

Chairman's army of goons, freaks, and thugs- More fodder for Toxie.


In the tradition of The Toxic Avenger and The Last Temptation of Christ comes The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie. This third (but not final sequel) once again pits our beloved character Toxie against Apocalypse Inc. Toxie is terribly bored since there is no longer evil in Tromaville and resorts to stopping old ladies at cheating at cards, making little kids eat their veggies, and other demeaning things. Meanwhile the Chairman of Apocalypse Inc. comes up with a plan... why doesn't he put Toxie on the payroll? So he hires Toxie, who is overtaken with greed. Toxie is so excited that he has money for Claire's eye operation that he doesn't realize anything strange about the whole deal.
Well Toxie continues to work for Apocalypse. He whistles joyfully as he condemns people's houses, leads people into the Agent Orange plant, and well... other bad stuff. Claire gets her eye operation and screams when she sees the good looking doctor, thinking that it's Toxie. But when she lays her eyes on Toxie, she falls in love with him all over again. So that evening the two love birds engage in some nice rough sex (of course). As the film progresses, Claire confronts Toxie, telling him that he's changed a lot. Then, as Toxie is sitting in his thinking spot (kinda like Winnie the Pooh in a way), he realizes the awful mistake he's made. Since the film started in media res (start's in the middle then flashes back to previous events), we are now all up to speed.
Toxie is cleaning up Tromaville of Apocalpse Inc.'s presence, starting with a violent battle in a video store. Toxie takes out all the bad guys and even jumps rope with a piece of some guys intestines! Hehehe. Eventually Toxie make his way to the Apocalypse main base, which ironically is located in a church. As Toxie confronts the Chairman, saying, "you're history Mr. Chairman!", the Chairman exlaims, "I am history," and then transforms into a green, slimy devil. The Almighty Evil One challenges Toxie to a battle. If Toxie wins, their contract is broken, if know the rest. Well the Devil chooses a video game as the showdown method.
Toxie must complete and survive through the 5 Levels of Doom, "Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and... well no one makes it to the last one." So the games commence, Toxie is buried underground in Level 1 but pops his head up. A guy with a lawn mower tries to kill Toxie but of course he fails. In Level 2, a flaming Devil threatens to burn down the entire town of Tromaville. The Devil sets Toxie on fire, but some brave citizens put him out. Then Toxie proceeds to pull down his tutu and urinate on the devil and let me tell's equivalent to the pressure of a fire hose. Hehehe. And so Level 3 begins, the Devil herds a bunch of children onto a school bus and parks it high on a ledge... Toxie (due to reverse footage) flips up hte mountainside to the bus.
As Toxie helps all the kids out of the emergency exit, the Devil causes the wind to blow. Luckily Toxie gets all of the children out of the bus to safety, before it falls onto one of the Devil's henchwomen. Then Level 4 begins. The Devil uses his powers to put the bus back together and drives into a Local Mud Bog raceway. The Devil crashes the bus and causes it to explode. Toxie has sunk into the murky muddy water, but then (in reverse filmed action!) flips out of the water. So Level 5 is where Toxie loses, he's turned back into Melvin, the scrawny little mop boy. Things look bad until Claire discovers an escape clause in a braille copy of Toxie's contract. An act of God is the only thing that can save him... and it does. Melvin is turned back into the Toxic Avenger, and then whoops Satan's arse. After tearing the devil's skin off, Toxie tears off Old Scratch's head and tosses it clear to Tokyo. And so the Toxic Avenger has saved his little town of Tromaville, married Claire, and will now live happily ever after... until Toxic Avenger IV: Citizen Toxie.

Memroable Lines

Chairman: "Ah... no beast so fierce but knows the touch of pity."

Chairman: "All these things I will give thee, if thou will kneel down and work for me."

Toxie: "I would mop up the evil in Tromaville and make room for Toxic Avenger 4!"

Devil: (After Toxie urinates on him.) "Now I'm pissed."

Toxie: "It's an old sumo trick. They use it whenever they're on a runaway school bus that plunges into deadly, murky, muddy water."

Devil: "No one takes priority over me."
God: "Ooohhh nooooo? AHEM... AHEM..."
Devil: "Well... maybe one."

Things to Watch For

  • Beginning - A recap of the two previous sequels.
  • 3 minutes - A video store run by Jewish rabbis?
  • 5 1/2 minutes - Why are some of those empty video boxes exploding by themselves?
  • 7 1/2 minutes - Toxie jumps rope with a guys intestines! Hehehe.
  • 9 1/2 minutes - Toxie erases a guy's face in a video tape erasing machine! Hehehe.
  • 19 minutes - Claire lip syncs to "Amazing Grace."
  • 23 minutes - Claire gives Toxie his security blanket. Hehehe.
  • 24 1/2 minutes - Hey! It's Cigar Face!
  • 46 1/4 minutes - Claire can see!
  • 50 minutes - The house is a rockin' so don't bother knockin'! Hehehe.
  • 55 1/4 minutes - What would one call a half frog half duck? A Drog ? Or maybe a... oh I get it.
  • 60 minutes - I can't tell if that's a skin tight outfit or if she's covered in body paint.
  • 67 1/2 minutes - The Chairman reveals his true identity.
  • 74 1/2 minutes - Toxie urinates all over the Devil.
  • 81 1/2 minutes - The Devil uses his powers to rebuild the bus.
  • 84 minutes - Toxie completes Level 4, of the 5 Levels of Doom.
  • 87 1/2 minutes - Toxie turns back into Melvin.
  • 89 minutes - Claire's blind again.
  • 95 minutes - Toxie's back... thank God (literally).
  • 97 1/4 minutes - Meanwhile in Tokyo, Japan... Hehehe.
  • 98 3/4 minutes - Toxie and Claire get married!
  • 99 3/4+ minutes - End Credits.