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Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV

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Cast of Characters

Toxie, the Toxic Avenger- defender of Tromaville

Noxie, the Noxious Offender- offender of Amortville

Man getting a B.J. from Chester
- some one wants that!!!??

Sarah- Toxie's blind soul mate

Claire- Sarah's Amortville twin who is deaf (the opposite of blind) Noxie's abused hoe and estranged lover of Chester

Sgt. Kabukiman
- NYPD's finest protector of Tromaville

Evil Kabukiman- his doppleganger from Amortville

Chester- Amortville's Lardass, felatio extrordinare, and lost love of Claire

Lardass- Toxie's trusted side kick

Tito- the retarded rebel

Sweetie Honey- the retarded ingenue

Sgt. Kazinski- the Nazi police Sargent of Tromaville

Ms. Weiner


Mayor Goldberg (death by crucifix through mouth)

Sarah's Gynecologist (as Kinky Finkelstein)

Amortville Police Chief

Evil Melvin

Tex Diaper (Disembowelment Death)


A tale of two Toxies!!! After ten years of silence, Toxie's back! With his overweight sidekick, Lardass! After the terrible Diaper Mafia has taken everyone in the Tromaville shcool for the very special hostage, Toxie and Lardass go to the scene of the crime to stop this madness, unknowingly that its all a trap to blow them up. When the explosion accurs, Tromaville and its doubleganger Amortville get's weakend, sending Toxie to Amortville and the evil Toxie, The Noxios Offender to Tromaville. While Noxie kills virtully everyone in Tromaville, Toxie tryes to get home with the help of Sweety Honey, Tito the Retarted Rebel and Chester the cocksucking scientist. Meanwhile the Mayor of Tromaville gets a leage of Superhero's to stop Noxie. Sgt.Kabukiman leads the team of Super Heros wich are Mad Cow Boy, Dolphin Man, Mastor Bator and The Vibrator. But while Toxie is in Amortville, the evil Noxie takes a little swing at Sarah, Toxie's wife, and she get's pregnant with two childs, one who appears to be from Toxie and another who appears to be from Noxie (thanks to Dr.Kinky Finkelstein a.k.a. Corey Fieldman who explained everything). Will Toxie ever get back? What ungrown fetish in Sarah's stomach will come out victorius? Will Kabukiman ever stop drinking? Will Tito, the Retarded Rebel, ever get over his teen angst and become a productive member of society? Yes, many questions are asked in the greates and goriest Troma film ever created.

Memorable Lines

Evil Kabukiman: I had a bad feeling about that crack dealer from day one! I guess you can't trust school kids these days!
Toxie: Crack dealer? Sergeant Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. what are you talking about?
Evil Kabukiman: Sergeant? N.Y.P.D.? What? What's wrong with you, Noxie? Are you selling the crack or you smoking it?

Evil Kabukiman: [to Claire] You read sign language don't you? Well read this!
[slaps her]
Evil Kabukiman: .

Sgt. Kabukiman: Well, fuck that, I'm not gonna die. Not here in Jersey!

Tito: Oh, GROSS! This whiskey tastes like pregnant lady piss!

Evil Kabukiman: Hang on Noxie, I can't pass THIS up!

Tito: You are giving me a stomach-ache in my brain!

[after Noxie rips off both his arms]
Tromaville Chief Newman: Stay back everybody! He's armed!

Evil Kabukiman: Damn! They're very slowly getting away!

Tito: Fuck this place, man, I'm outta here.

Tito: I have becomed The Retarted Revenger!
Pompe: Don't forget about your sidekick, Pompe, the baddest bodyless motherfucker in all of Amortville.

Toxie: God?
God: Yeah, what do you want?
Toxie: I just want to go home
God: You bastard, this is the best place all around, why do you want to go home?

God: And tell the Pope to stop talking about me, he dosen't know me and tell him that his hat looks fucking stupid.

Narrator: 15 years ago, A mop boy named Melvin Fyrd fell into a case full of toxic waste and became a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength, he became... The Toxic Avenger, the first superhero from New Jersey! Then came two shitty sequels, sorry about that. This is the real sequel.

Toxie: We've got to get the other heroes of Tromaville and storm the hospital!
Sgt. Kabukiman: They're all dead.
Toxie: All of them?
Sgt. Kabukiman: Yeah.
Toxie: Even Dolphin Man?
Sgt. Kabukiman: OH yeah.

Lardass: It's LARDASS, punk!

Pompe: You're gonna turn a brother into a hot dog! If I had legs I'd kick your ass.

Tromatic Trivia!

  • The now classic stock footage of the car-flip stunt from Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (1991) is used once again for this film. This footage has also been used for several other films including Terror Firmer (1999), and Tromeo and Juliet (1996), and soon to be used in another EGG-cellent movie due for theatrical release in Fall 2006...

  • After Noxie ties Sarah up, he says "I want to have your abortion." A small tribute to a line that got cut from Fight Club (1999).

  • Before the film's world premiere, a decision was made to leave the World Trade Center in the opening narration despite the 9/11 attacks taking place a month earlier. This decision was applauded by the crowd.
  • Mitch Cohen, who played Toxie in the original Toxic Avenger makes a cameo in the film as a racist who is lynched by the KKK after Toxie gives him a blackface treatment with a car engine.

  • Tromadu shots were filmed in the Playboy Mansion, and the black and white film clip of 'Tromadu' was an homage to the opening scene of Citizen Kane (1941).

  • Tex Diaper, the leader of the Diaper Mafia says in one scene "Alright you fucking retards, drop your Tacos or I'll blow your brains out!" - a reference to what Leroy said in the first Toxic Avenger movie, which was "Alright everybody, drop your Tacos or I'll blow your brains out!"

  • Celeste Octavia (Kinky Finkelstein's assistant) offered to do her role completely nude in exchange for one line in the film, where she asks the doctor if it's time to remove the thermometer from her butt.

  • 30 gallons of blood where used in the hospital scene.