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A nerd Melvin Junko falls in a vat of chemicals and instantly becomes hideously deformed while having super strength. Now everyone loves him as Toxie the Toxic Crusader.

Well not exactly everyone, Dr. Killemoff the evil alien from another world wants to take over Tromaville (the only clean city in New Jersey) and pollute the rest of the world so his race of aliens can inhabit Earth.

Toxie is the only one stopping Killemoff from his evil plans for world domination, but he can't do it alone. Both Major Disaster and Nozone aid Toxie in defending Tromaville from Killemoff and his goons: Psycho, Bonehead, and the radiation rangers!

Toxie returns for another installment in his ongoing adventures, battling against the evil doers who wreak havoc on Tromaville! The devious Dr. Killemoff attempts to destroy Toxie's idyllic lifestyle this time around, coming all the way from the planet Smogula with a gang of henchmen in tow. His dastardly plans for Tromaville must be stopped at all costs, and fortunately America's favorite mutant mop-wielder is on hand to save the day!