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Toxic Avenger Part II

Toxic Avenger Part IICast of Characters

The Toxic Avenger- The hideously deformed creature of super-human size and strength is back. This time he's battling the evil Apocalypse Inc. and his own psychological troubles. After stomping out Apocalypse Inc. in Tromaville and Tokyo, and nearly dying due to anti-tromatons, he is reunited with real father and lives happily ever after... until The Toxic Avenger Part 3.

Claire- Toxie's blind, blonde, bimbo girlfriend. She is saved from the Toxic Bad Girls by good old Toxie.

Chairman of Apocalypse Inc.- By far one of the best characters in this film (well he's my favorite anyway.). He takes over Tromaville in Toxie's absence but ends up retreating back to the "Big City."

Mac Bunko- Mistaken as Mac Junko, Toxie's real father. He gets hacked to pieces after sumo wrestling with Toxie.

Masami- After saving her from being gang-raped, she becomes Toxie's friend and helps him find his father.

Fish Man- Exactly as it sounds. Due to accidents with Anti-Tromaton development, this milk spewing creature was created. Turned into a sushi platter by Toxie.

The Toxic Bad Girls- Slutty henchgirls (who are ugly and very masculine) of Apocalypse Inc. Spanked into submission by Toxie.

A slew of freaks, punks, goons, and kabuki warriors- All are smashed, bashed, and thrashed by Toxie.


After destroying a recreation center for blind people, the Apocalypse thugs are all defeated by Toxie in a pointlessly long confrontation of sight gags and bad jokes.
Realizing that they can't defeat Toxie, Apocalypse Inc. hatches a plan to send him to Japan, kill him, and take over Tromaville. Toxie's psychiatrist works for Apocalypse, and tells our hero that he needs to find his father. Toxie is overjoyed to hear that his dad is in Tokyo, and quickly sets off to find him (after some raunchy sex with Claire of course). Toxie arrives in Tokyo via a windsurf-board. Unfortunately he forgot his passport, so he sneaks into Tokyo, GODZILLA STYLE! Hehehe. From here on in, he searches all over Tokyo for his supposed father and has a run in with Masumi. She was being sexually assualted and then was rescued by the ever so noble Toxie.
They eventually find Toxie's father and discover that Mr. Bunko is shipping cocaine inside of tuna... and owns a small white slave trade business. Toxie chases his father through Tokyo while battling ninjas and kabuki warriors. At last the final confrontation occurs after more sight gags and sophomoric jokes. Toxie is assaulted by a Fish Man that was accidentally created by Junko. The milk spewing fish man is then turned into a delicious looking entree by Toxie. Then Big Mac takes off his clothes and puts on "a diaper" and uses his sumo wrestling skills to knock Toxie all over the place. Apparently Toxie, even with his superhuman size and strength, cannot halt the power of a sumo wrestler.
Big Mac pulls out the anti-tromaton liquid (which is deadly to Toxie) only to have the bottle kicked out of his hand. Toxie picks him up and tosses him on a table in a fish market. And so Big Mac is hacked to pieces by a wildly chopping fisherman who has Attention Deficit Disorder. Toxie is exposed to the anti-tromaton but is nursed back to health by Musami and a bunch of sumo wrestlers, who teach him the art of fighting. Toxie returns home, saves Claire from the Toxic Bad Girls, and begins to clean up Tromaville. The chairman, seeing that he has lost, sends the Dark Rider to destroy the town utterly.
A madcap chase ensues as Toxie commandeers a cab and tries to stop the nitro-glycerin clad motorcyclist from driving into city hall. The cab (driven by what seems to a cross between Jean Claude Van Damme and John Leguizamo) is blown up in a car wreck. Toxie then commandeers a hydro-plane (you know, a boat with a huge fan on the back) and continues the chase. Toxie cuts off the Dark Rider who then crashes into a small building and explodes. And so Toxie has returned peace back to Tromaville and meets his real father, Mac Junko. The evil Chairman is trying to hitchhike out of Tromaville to no avail, but beware Toxie... the Chairman will be back... in a big way.

Memorable Lines

Chairman: "He... must... be... de.. stroyed..."

Homeless Lady: "... can't you lend us a buck?"
Chairman: "Neither a lender nor a borrower be... Shakespeare."
Homeless Lady: "F*ck you...David Mammot."

Toxie: "Finally... my search is over. Ooohhh... he looks like a big teddy bear, I love him already."

Mac Bunko: "I am the Big Mac. I am the Big Cheese. You might say I'm the Big Mac with Cheese."

Toxie: "... worst of all... if Tromaville was destroyed, there'd be no Toxic Avenger 3!"

Things to Watch Out For

  • Beginning - Toxie has his own theme song now?!
  • 3 1/2 minutes - There's just too much dancing going on in the streets of Tromaville these days.
  • 5 minutes - That old blind lady just sounded like a chicken!
  • 10 3/4 minutes - How many people are in that damn limo?
  • 17 1/2 minutes - Toxie moon walks! Hehehe.
  • 26 3/4 minutes - Toxie's so depressed that he's... constipated.
  • 34 minutes - Toxie enters Tokyo... GODZILLA STYLE! Hehehehe.
  • 39 3/4 minutes - Yet another RANDOM GRATUITOUS BREAST SHOT!
  • 59 1/2 minutes - BANZAI! Hehehe.
  • 69 3/4 minutes - Why is Amazing Grace playing in the background here?
  • 78 minutes - Toxie spanks the Toxic Bad Girls. Hehehe.
  • 79 minutes - It apparently does hurt a woman when you knee her in the crotch.
  • 91 1/2 minutes - This is NOT the end.
  • 91 2/3+ minutes - End Credits.